MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Locals are speaking out after five Midland Christian employees accused of failing to report a sexual assault — were no-billed by a grand jury, Wednesday.

The video you saw here first on ABC Big 2 News of the administrators being taken off campus in handcuffs.

Some in Midland are looking for more answers, “I’d still like to know more about it, what really happened, but like I said, if the administration knew of anything nefarious that happened, the first priority is the safety of the students, right?” asked Midland resident, Michael Quinn.

Following Wednesday’s decision, Mayor Patrick Payton held a press conference.

“When I took phone calls and meetings with people about the situation, I told them all one thing, let the process work itself out. I stand here today and tell you, I will say the same thing again and again, let the process work itself out,” said Mayor Payton in a statement.

People we talked to in Midland are very outspoken about the grand jury no-bill decision. Some said the arrests themselves happened for a reason and more investigation needs to happen.

“You don’t get arrested because you lost a contest, there’s a reason you get arrested, whether you’re falsely accused or you are in trouble and you are guilty, but you got arrested for a reason, there’s something behind that, and it needs to be looked in further,” added Midland resident, Michael Hilger.

Other people agreed and said they are upset with the outcome of the grand jury.

“This is why victim’s don’t speak up, because this is what happens,” screamed Odessa resident, Carissa Isbell.

Overall, it seems the same question is now on everyone’s mind — what will happen next?

“I’d like to see, you know, what’s going to happen now? Are they going to be disciplined? Because they were no-billed by midland, are they going to be disciplined by the MISD district, and or, Midland Christian? Any company, you’re held to a code of conduct policy, and there should be some kind of discipline there,” emphasized Hilger.

We’ve reached out to Midland Christian since the grand jury made their decision for a statement and they gave the following:

Midland Christian School was grateful yesterday to learn that the Midland County Grand Jury declined to

indict the five administrative members of our staff. We are pleased that the grand jury confirmed what

we believed to be true after receiving results of our own external and independent investigation into the

legal matter. Our independent external investigator concluded the five individuals acted reasonably and

appropriately given the facts and circumstances, so we are not surprised the grand jury reached the

same conclusion. We recognize that grand jury service is one of the most demanding forms of

community service. We want to express our appreciation to those men and women whose courage and

pursuit of truth led them to this conclusion.

We are proud of the five members of our Midland Christian School family and grateful these legal

proceedings are behind them. They have each handled themselves gracefully in the face of these

extremely difficult circumstances, all while holding firm to their faith.

Our current administrative staff who have boldly stepped into interim roles will continue to lead our

students and faculty through the remainder of the school year to help avoid yet another disruptive

change to our campus life. Our colleagues will remain on paid administrative leave through the end of

the 2021-2022 school year. Midland Christian School remains committed to our mission and the pursuit

of excellence across everything we do. As we move forward as a school, we will continue to closely

evaluate ways to further strengthen this pursuit.

Our faculty, staff, and students have been instrumental in our ability to press forward these last three

months. We applaud their strength and determination and look forward to celebrating their

accomplishments, especially our graduates, over these next nine days to finish out the year.”

Jardon Powell 
Communications Director 
Midland Christian School