HOBBS, New Mexico–The 18-year old mother who police say tossed her baby in a dumpster will face a judge, this Wednesday, January 12th, 2022.

The mother’s arraignment has been set in Lovington, New Mexico, but it’s safe to say that a lot of people in the community are very upset.

The owner of the Rig Outfitters Store, Joe Imbriale is speaking out after his security cameras caught the mother on camera.

“Knowing there was a baby in that bag, I’m sorry, but that is evil, that is straight evil right there,” says Imbriale

Imbriale and the rest of the community is adamantly upset about the situation and speaking out after the baby was found abandoned in the dumpster.

Fortunately the baby was found alive, several hours after Avila threw the child into the dumpster and left. Police say the three strangers that found the infant, were dumpster diving.

The Hobbs Police Department’s Interim Chief, August Fons mentioned in the department’s press conference, “The baby was wrapped in a bath towel that was dirty and wet and he had dried blood on him with the umbilical cord still attached.”

Police confirmed Avila was released from Hobbs City Jail after an hour and 18 minutes in custody.

Imbriale emphasizes, “the girl spent less time in jail, than the baby did in the dumpster, how does that make you guys feel?”

Imbriale is only one of the many in the community who are shaken up and looking for answers.

“This is the hand of God protecting that baby for five and a half hours. Because the cops said this baby shouldn’t have survived. I mean, being wrapped up in a bag, probably should’ve suffocated, being a newborn,” says Imbriale.

Luckily, the infant is still being treated at a Lubbock hospital and is in stable condition.

Avila is facing charges including attempted first degree murder and attempted child abuse. She will appear in court tomorrow in Lovington, New Mexico. One of our reporters will be there as well to bring the latest developments on this case.