MIDLAND, Texas — One juvenile is dead after a fire at a mobile home broke out in Midland, leaving a family and the surrounding community devastated.

Tragedy struck the area of South County Road 1226, after a fire broke out in the neighborhood. Some community members were willing to speak on the situation but requested to remain completely anonymous.

“I heard my dog barking and saw the smoke and that’s whenever I, double checked to see if it was smoke, then I saw the door, I opened the door, I heard the alarms, and I was screaming,” says one community member.

Nearby neighbors said they tried to step in and help out once they realized what was happening and saw the smoke rising.

“Then I saw the neighbor coming in and that’s whenever I called him, so he can come and help me, then he came to the back and opened the door, full of smoke,” adds a community member.

The fire was fairly contained to the inside of the home, but the smoke made it almost impossible to see when those around tried to get inside and help.

On member of the community adds, “They tried going in but the smoke was so dark and heavy, they couldn’t go in.”

After the rescue, the mother and her two kids were taken to the nearby hospital. Upon arrival, one of the children was pronounced dead. The mother and other juvenile were taken out of the area and to another hospital.

“The fire department got in, and that’s when we saw them with the first little girl, and then the mom and then the second little girl.”

Neighbors said it all happened so quickly, it was unbelievable.

“Just in a blink of an eye, something can go wrong, it just happened so fast.”

While this is a tragic situation, it has brought some of the community together to help the family in any way possible.

“Yeah some of us neighbors are getting together to help the dad out, with whatever he might need, we’re gonna help him out.”

There are currently no other details that have been released at this time. The fire is still under investigation. We will bring updates as soon as we hear more information.