Since 1983, Community Children’s Clinic in Midland has been dedicated to helping families receive quality and affordable medical care for their children, ages seven months to 18-years-old.

“There is a need here in Midland,” said Dr. Roberta Case, the Community Children’s Clinic’s medical director. She believes that every single person deserves the best care no matter their background.

The Clinic’s Executive Director Renee Meiner shares that even though the clinic offers affordable health care, the facility is beautiful. The staff is also highly experienced and dedicated to the families they serve. For patients who qualify, each visit is $20, including all needed medications from the pharmacy on-site. “The average cost of a visit averages out to $140, but with the help of organizations, private donors, and churches throughout Midland, patients only pay $20,” said Meiner.

“If you are not able to pay we will still see you. I don’t want people to be afraid to come because they don’t have the cash at that time.”

Cherie Henderson, Registered Nurse, Community Children’s Clinic

The Community Children’s Clinic is a one-stop shop for parents, especially with the on-site pharmacy. The Clinic’s pharmacist said that if there are certain medications they don’t have on-site, they can call them into another pharmacy and will cover the cost. Even if there is lab work needed, Meiner said, they can run the tests in house and then send it out to the lab. “Sometimes we need to refer a child out. Sometimes they end up with a broken ankle and need to see an orthopedist that will help them; we’ll take care of the office visit for that very first consult,” said Meiner.

The Clinic said their goal is to make sure every family feels comfortable and to help them achieve that mission they are asking for the communities help. They currently are in need of interpreters. “We have some volunteers that translate for us, and they are invaluable. In part because I think they help put the patient and the patient’s family at ease. They essentially are an advocate for the patient,” said Dr. Case.

Lilly Thomson, the receptionist and interpreter at the Clinic, said she wants to encourage those who are bilingual to help the clinic “Yes it is very safe and I interpret quite a bit, even on the phone or I try to meet them at the door. I feel very safe working here.”

“Interpreters are needed Monday through Friday, 8 am – 12 pm. If they call the Clinic, we can see what time and day works best for their schedule, and if they can only come for a few hours, we can work around that as well. We want to ensure the medical staff fully understands what is going on with the child so they can be properly diagnosed.”

Renee Meiner, Executive Director, Community Children’s Clinic

The Community Children’s Clinic is also a provider for the Texas Vaccine for Children Program, and patients who qualify may receive free childhood immunizations at a scheduled visit. The Clinic is also currently pursuing to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider. They will notify ABC Big 2 News if they qualify and when the vaccine will be available for children.

Contact Information:
 432.686.8593 – 1101 East Front Street – Midland, TX 79701 – Hours: 8 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

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