Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico last week. After seeing the devastation Odessans are standing up to lend a helping hand. 

San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz says that Puerto Rico is currently facing a humanitarian crisis.The storm caused power outages across the island, inspiring a local Medical Center Hospital employee to take action.

Senior VP and Chief Medical Officer, Augusto Sepulveda, is loading his truck with batteries in order to donate them to those in need. 

“We’re picking up a huge supply of batteries every shape and size and all of  that will be sent through a known for profit organization,” Sepulveda said Thursday. “It’s called Puerto Rico United and what they’re going to do is basically ship all that to Puerto Rico and get it to a distribution center so that it can go to the areas that it’s much needed.” 

Donating batteries isn’t the only effort being made.

Sepulveda has also partnered with a relative that works at Aladdin Castle Learning Center. The school is using the large space available in their parking lot to accept public donations from the community Saturday.

All donations will be accepted between noon and 6 p.m. and donors are encouraged to bring necessitates they wouldn’t normally think about. This includes diapers, baby formula, and water bottles. 

To see a full list of items needed, connect with your local Puerto Rico Rises chapter.