Commissioners Debate Over Andrew County’s Road Proposition On The Ballot… Before The Election

A heated debate has been long going between two county commissioners in Andrews about a proposition on the ballot.  Voters will decide if road management should be done by individual commissioners or if  the county should hire a road engineer.
Both commissioners used money as the reason why the proposition should…or should not pass.
If the Andrews County road option passes,  the county would hire a team of road engineers, taking control away from the individual commissioners.
County commissioner Precinct 3 – Jeneane Anderegg is against it.  
” For this coming year we have not budgeted for an engineer because we are not doing any work that requires the work of an engineer,” said Anderegg.   
Anderegg said in the end, hiring engineers will cost more money and she  wants to know where that money would come from.  The money to pay the new employees and new equipment.
“Some of the county’s that we were compared to, actually have higher budgets than we have. They have higher tax rates than we have,” said Anderegg. 
However, county Commissioner Precinct 1 – Barney Fowler told us the opposite.  
” What they are not telling you is that we already hired a road engineer.  It is in the contract and we already do that.  It is not like it is going to cost an extra thousand dollars like the opposition is saying,” said Fowler. 
Fowler said the County already has the equipment needed.
” If we consolidate the equipment, and don’t buy any new equipment…it will save 3.9 million dollars over the next six years,” said Fowler. 
Although, both Commissioners disagree on those specific issues, they both encourage voters to hit the polls tomorrow… and check “For” or “Against.” 

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