Commissioner’s Court Funding Approved Monday


Monday the Midland County Commissioner’s Court approved almost $300,000 in funds to nonprofits.
Nonprofits depend on outside funding to help function.
The Midland Rape Crisis Center, specifically the Children’s Advocacy Center, will receive $20,000 this year.

“We are funded by grants from state and local level grants, Kelli Crouse, Program Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center says. “We have private donors, we receive money from just one fundraiser a year.”

A portion of the Commissioner’s Court funding will go towards helping daily operations.
This includes supplies of DVDs, markers and paper.
They use DVDs to interview children who are alleged to have been abused in some manner.

“They’re called forensic interviews for lots of reasons.” Crouse says. “But one of those is that they can be used as evidence in court. And so we store those interviews here, and each original is put on an original DVD.”

Another part of the funding will help keep salaries afloat.
“A portion of it will be used to provide the rest of a salary for an employee where it’s not fully covered by a grant,” Crouse says.

The Children’s Advocacy Center can also provide therapy to children.
“I think we’re a much needed service in the community,” Crouse says. “Most people charge, and people are able to come here and get high quality services for free. And those funds help us provide those services everyday”

Crouse says the Commissioner’s Court has been helping the Children’s Advocacy Center since 1996.

“We never know what we’re going to get every year grant wise,” Crouse says. “So being able to count on someone like the commissioners every year to give us money, really makes it much easier for us here.”

With this funding, Centers will receive $62,000, and other nonprofits will receive $25,000 each.
The largest portion of this funding went to Permiacare at $100,000, which they will put $92,000 into mental health services, and the rest in their detox program.

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