Coin Toss Determines Winner in Pecos County



A coin toss choosing the next Pecos County Commissioner Democratic Candidate for Precinct One.

Tom Chapman choosing heads and now he moves on to the November election.

Joe Shuster, Pecos County Judge, explains the County Commissioner Precinct One runoff race making history as the first tie in the city or county.  Both candidates dead even at 232 votes each.

“It’s my understanding that they recounted the votes and they came out still tied,” Shuster said. “So as the law states they’ll cast lots…now casting lots means they could flip a coin, draw a high card or even roll the dice.”

Candidates Adrienne “Colby” Terrasaz and Tom Chapman battling it out for the spot with a coin toss.

Adrienna Terrazas tell us he didn’t like the idea of a coin toss, but he understands it’s the law.

“If that’s the way it’s written that’s the way it’s gonna go,” Terrazas said.” But we could’ve just done that in the beginning, just flipped a coin in the beginning.”

Chapman also vying for the position explains he doesn’t mind a coin determining the winner.

“Well the fate of the election written in state law so it is what it is,” Chapman said.

When asked why he chose heads, Chapman says, “I don’t know, I just felt lucky today.”

Judge Shuster adds he’s disappointed with the voter turnout in the area forcing the coin toss.

“It’s kind of a shame that it comes down to a flip of a coin even though both parties put in lots of time effort and hard work,”

Shuster hopes that this historic election will remind locals that every vote counts.

Chapman will now face off against the Republican nominee Paul Pasqua in November.


After a tie on election night, Pecos County Officials were forced to decide the winner of County Commissioner Precinct 1 race via coin toss.

Tom Chapman and Adrian Colby Terrazas ended Tuesday night at 232 to 232 once the final count was in. 

The tie, according to county officials prompted a second count of the votes which ended with the same result. 

This left them with no other option but the flip for it. 

Stay with us as we follow up on this historic story. 

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