Close friend remembers the 41st President


As the United States is mourning the loss of President George H. W. Bush, many are coming forward talking about his accomplishments and the impact he left on Americans.

“From the time that he joined the navy and fibbed about his age, which was probably the first and only fib he every made. He became the youngest pilot in the navy all, his whole life was just one phase of service after another and an extraordinary life for an extraordinary man,” said Ernest Angelo Jr, Friend of Bush.

Ernest met former President George H. W. Bush in the 1960’s. 

He even sat down with Bush to talk about his presidential campaign while he was still serving as Vice President.

“A meeting we had in the Vice President residence in Washington when we were talking about the early part of his campaign for president which would have been 1988,” said Ernest.

Now notes and pictures from his late friend hand on the wall as moments of good times passed.

“This is a nice little note that he sent me after I had made a comment to one of his staff members about something that he had done that I thought was very proper and its typical of him that he would do that– take the time to write me a note to thank me for the comment,” said Ernest.

While the world saw him as a war hero and leader of the free world, Ernest remembers Bush as someone he could confide in and someone that was genuine to the core.

“He was a very nice man in the best context of that word. he was very unassuming, very easy to talk to, hes not a person who had a great ego. He was very modest and humble and that was pretty evident when you were talking to him one on one. He always made you feel like you were something special to him which is a pretty fine attribute to have,” said Ernest.

Ernest said one of his fondest memories of Bush was speaking with him about his campaign in 1988.

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