City Officials prepare for the Memorial Day weekend


For City Workers in Odessa they know how special family time can be. Especially around Memorial Day weekend when many families come together to remember our fallen military members.

Cori Branscum, The Odessa  Parks & Rec Events Coordinator, says ”crews are out there right now making sure the last minute things are taken care of and everything’s running smoothly.”

The Parks Department says if your family isn’t planning on going to a local park the city always has other options. Branscum says ”this weekend we’ve got our pools opening up, we’ve got Woodson Aquatic Center and Sherwood Aquatic Center as well; Those will open up on Saturday”

The Event Coordinator says the pools and splash pad at UTPB Park brings in large crowds over the holiday. ”It’s nice and full but also it’s big enough for people to enjoy as well,” says Branscum.

”It goes months of making sure everything comes together to be ready for opening weekend.” Branscum says he is happy to be a part of making sure everything is ready to go. 

According to the Event Coordinator it’s important for everyone to do their part saying ”there’s people coming after you and they want to enjoy the park just like you did so if you could just make sure your area is clean, pick up any trash that y’all might have brought with you and empty it out.”

The Parks Department has several events lined up for this Summer including Movie in the Park and a Father Daughter dance. 

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