MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The City of Midland is considering several projects to address flooding and increase road safety for vehicles and pedestrians, according to a news release.

Several roads within the City are subject to significant flood depths causing unsafe travel during most rain events. Moreover, hundreds of property owners adjacent to these streets are located within the regulatory 100-year floodplain and are required to purchase annual flood insurance. The recent reconstruction of A Street included significant storm drain improvements. Still, improvements at Wadley Avenue. and adjacent roads to Windlands Park and Tumbleweed Park are needed to maximize the impact of the A St. project.

The City said it is also considering a project to eliminate the low-water crossing at Golf Course Road east of Fairgrounds Road. This low-water crossing becomes inundated with stormwater and must be closed during frequent rain events. This project includes the extension of Scharbauer Drive to match Golf Course Road east of the low-water crossing and the construction of a cul-de-sac at Golf Course Road west of the low-water crossing.

These projects include ecological, recreational, flood mitigation, and aesthetic enhancements and are currently in the conceptual-design process or construction design. The City of Midland is considering all options for funding, including grant funding. More information on Stormwater can be found here.