City Council unanimously passes mask mandate


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – From apprehension to full-on support, the City Council said after watching surrounding cities implement mask mandates they see how masks are efficient is slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Peggy Dean, the Odessa City Council at-large member said, “The evidence now that these mitigating things really do reduce COVID-19 but more than that, having our healthcare providers, our public safety people, say ‘we have to do this we need your help.’ They’ve been on the line for 9 months now and we can’t do very much to help them. We can take them dinners and we can thank them but we can’t do their job.”

In a unanimous decision, the City Council has decided to extend Mayor Turner’s mask mandate declaration. An executive power that is given to mayors allowing them to put a law in place for 7 days; after that, the City Council must vote to extend the order.

“I believe and I have decided that it is incumbent now that we send a message to them that says ‘we get it, we understand, we know we can’t do everything but we can do something and this is something that we can do,'” said the at-large member.

However, Peggy Dean wasn’t the only Council Member with this opinion. Michael Shelton says they may be uncomfortable but right now it’s the right call.

The Odessa City Council District 1 member said, “We hope that people follow leadership and they do what is required to be done. We are going to get some feedback from it, negative feedback, but still, we have to show that leadership. I wear a mask wherever I go because I’m not thinking of myself I’m thinking of others.”

The Mayor, David Turner, said Odessa has tried the no-mask mandate route and gotten the same result for 9 months and now we must try something else in order to move forward.

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