An Abilene man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager who says she was “sold” by her foster mother in exchange for drugs is now being held in the Taylor County Jail.

Harold Gene Jefferson, 68, was extradited to Taylor County on Tuesday after he was arrested in Big Spring last week. He’s being held on a $100,000 for a Sexual Assault of a Child charge. Jail records show this charge has also violated his parole for a Robbery charge.

Court documents says a victim told police that when she was about 15, she was placed into foster care and that her foster mother, “was using crack cocaine and soon got [the victim] hooked as well.”

“When they ran out of money, [the foster mother] would sell [the victim] to get more crack,” meaning the victim would have sex with older men, according to the documents.

The documents then state the victim also told police this was how she met Jefferson. She claims Jefferson took her to her home in north Abilene.

Police later found her at his home in February of 2014 during a runaway investigation.

Harold’s DNA was found on the victim during a SANE exam, according to the documents, which say the Jefferson was also identified as the man who sexually assaulted her.