Chief Deputy McKinney speaks about the future of MCSO after the passing of Sheriff Painter


Shoes that no person could fill, for Chief Deputy McKinney it’s about leading while preserving the memory of the late Sheriff Painter.

”It’s an honor to try to fill in for someone like Sheriff Painter. I will never fill his shoes nor will I ever even try to nobody else ever should either. He was elected 9 consecutive terms,” says MCSO Chief Deputy, Rory McKinney.

He says  working closely with Painter for many years has taught him how to be a good leader. ”I know those principles that he has a lot of the employees do as well, and we are going to keep giving back to the community just like if he was still here.”

McKinney first met Painter while he was working with his father and always dreamed of being in Law Enforcement himself.

”Whenever my father retired my relationship with the Sheriff never changed we just kept going, our relationship has been the same ever since day one when I came to work here,” says McKinney.

Something he says he will miss for the rest of his career. ”My father and him were like brothers, I think a little bit of him died whenever my father died and it just brought back those memories of my father dying.”

Chief Deputy McKinney doesn’t know who will be the new Sheriff, but he does know as long as they serve the community of Midland they will be on the right track 

”Essentially we work for the community, they are our bosses and that’s who we work for. I asked Sheriff Painter one time, he was an elected official, I said ‘who is your boss’ and he said ‘every person that votes in Midland County.”

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