ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- Meet Elizabeth Ann Medford, better known as Ms. Ann. The spunky 91-year-old is a staple at the Chick-fil-A restaurant on 42nd Street, and today, she was honored by local law makers Congressman August Pfluger and Odessa Mayor Javier Joven for the service she has provided the community all these years. 

Recently, Pfluger spoke on the House Floor in Washington, D.C. to honor Ms. Ann. Today, he and Mayor Joven treated her to lunch and gifted her with a flag that was flown over the Capitol and a Congressional Recognition Certificate for her exceptional customer service. 

“She’s been in Odessa since 1955 and we wanted to recognize her service to this community,” Pfluger said of the Chick-fil-A favorite. “We are so proud of Ms. Ann and the job she does…her smile, her kindness, it’s just overwhelming. She means a lot to, not just this community, but to our country. She’s one of those special people who inspires us, she just inspires people.”

Mayor Joven echoed that thought while also pointing out that people such as Ms. Ann are invaluable to the community because of their wisdom and experience. 

“It’s really important…in business or our private lives, to make room in our lives for people like Ms. Ann,” Joven said. “Our seniors are precious to our community. Young people need to experience the life that Ms. Ann has had…to help them as they go through life. To sit down and spend five minutes with her and hear about her life is just…it’s not wasted time.”

Ms. Ann has worked at the popular restaurant for more than 10 years and owner Rusty Dunn said she “means everything” to his store. 

“I don’t think she will ever realize the impact she’s had on people,” Dunn said. “What a hope she gives to people…she comes in every day and provides a hope…a smile, a hug.”

Dunn said Ms. Ann drives herself to work each day and starts the day with coffee and conversation with friends before diving into her duties.