Centers Solutions – COVID EDITION: Finding Joy in Quarantine


MIDLAND, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) Just like finding a light in the darkness, you can find joy during a pandemic.

“It is part of the human condition, and the human need to experience gratefulness, gratitude, thankfulness, contentment, and joy, because if not you’re like in a complete war zone.”

Kristi Edwards, Executive Director, Centers for Children & families

In honor of the podcast Centers Solutions’ one year anniversary, our COVID EDITION segment this week focused on finding joy during painful times. Our experts from Centers for Children and Families want to help others discover the small nuances in life that spark joy while remembering daily what we are grateful for. 

Kristi Edwards, a therapist and executive director for Centers for Children and Families, encourages everyone to think of three things they are grateful for every night before bed, or when they are in a quiet and still place. Edwards says thinking of this every day, becomes second nature and helps you look forward to the joys you can find in the next day.

Additional ways to find joy during painful times from the Centers for Children and Families:

  • Express Gratefulness in Everyday Life
    • Recall three things you are thankful for.
    • Call to say thank you to someone in your life.
    • Write a personal thank you note.
  • Experience Moments of Joy
    • Try a grounding exercise by engaging your five senses.
      • Listen to a song playing in the background.
      • Feel the softness of a warm blanket or the sun shining on your skin.
      • Slowly enjoy the taste of warm buttered banana bread.
      • Light candles or add your favorite essential oils and take a moment to appreciate the scent. 
  • Be Kind to Yourself
    • Don’t beat yourself up about feeling “the struggle.”
    • Not everyone is “living their best life” right now, and it’s okay to do what you can.
    • It’s okay to feel tough emotions, just don’t sink into them. 
    • We are all human, and all of us are having a hard time. It is a great time just to be human and embrace your imperfections and flaws. 

Melanie Saiz, marketing director for Centers, says that it’s essential to take this time to focus on ourselves as we work on finding our footing through the pandemic and the new normal. 

“We take a look at the fact that we were super busy before this started, and now we have time to stop….you don’t have to write a book, or start a new business or a side hustle or be super amazing. It’s okay just to reconnect.”

Melanie Saiz, Marketing Director, Centers for Children & Families

“This is a time where we don’t have to feel selfish about it. It’s kind of imposed on us. It’s the one time we get to feel like we have the opportunity and the ability to just do what we want to do. For ourselves, in our homes organizing or whatever. I hope that doesn’t go away because it’s part of self-care.”

Kristi Edwards, Executive Director, Centers for Children & families

Extended Conversations: For some inspiration, watch this video to learn how Edwards and Saiz found joy during quarantine:

Check out the next Centers Solutions podcast created to celebrate not only the first anniversary of the project, but Mental Health Awareness Month, and the joy we can find through quarantine. 

Centers Solutions: COVID EDITION podcast: The Joy we Found in Quarantine / The Year in Review available on Friday.

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