MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Caught on camera: A woman in Midland being beaten by two other women after she jumped out of a truck.

The video above began circulating Thursday evening when it was caught by a nearby Ring camera and was immediately posted to Facebook. Neighbors who saw the video said they are appalled this happened in their neighborhood let alone in public.

They chose to remain anonymous.

The video captured footage of a woman, screaming as she attempted to jump out of a truck. She is then seen being tackled to the ground and beaten repeatedly for several minutes.

A nearby neighbor who saw the video was disgusted by the actions of others in their neighborhood.

“I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It just it blew my mind. It was the screams that got me, it was the screams. Never in a million years, thought that I would see something like that.”

Some even thought based on the video that the woman being hit had been abducted.

“Maybe they had taken her, like she was kidnapped or something, at first, because she was trying to jump out of that vehicle…”

The video continued to be spread all across Facebook as people in the community wanted this to continue to go viral so more people could help identify and help the victim and possibly help find those responsible.

“I was hoping that somebody would recognize these people, their vehicle, the voices. That’s all I could think about was the more people see it the better chances we are of finding out who these people are.”

Many just hope more awareness can be spread throughout the community that this is happening near your home and needs to be stopped.

“No matter what that girl did, she had no right to hit her. None! That is, wow! It’s mind blowing that she could do it out in public, in the middle of the street.”

ABC Big 2 reached out to M-P-D on what they can do and how they will proceed, should charges be made, and have had no response.

We’ll be sure to update the story as soon as we receive information.