Midland, TEXAS (ABC Big 2/FOX 24) – If CPS has determined that a child isn’t safe at their home, they are removed. CASA of West Texas helps children who are going through this situation.

“A judge will appoint one of our volunteers to really kind of be that squeaky wheel for them during this time. They speak up for them in court, they make sure that they’re maintaining as normal of a life as they can while they go through this traumatic process.” says CASA of West Texas Marketing Specialist Hope Stalder.

Stalder says that the organization could always use more volunteers, but says that during the pandemic, there has been a 64% increase of children being removed from their homes.

“When we did start to receive those cases and realize it was going to be a pretty severe influx, we just didn’t have the volunteers numbers to sustain that type of influx,” says Stalder.
Volunteers took on more cases to help, but CASA members had to turn away some cases

“They do have to navigate the court system on their own, which really makes them more susceptible to falling through the cracks on an overburdended child welfare system,” says Stalder.

Which is why organization leaders are asking people in the community to help.
15 to 20 volunteers would go a long way. There is a volunteer training coming up on September 28th.