Car sinks head-first into a sinkhole


A car sank head-first into a giant sinkhole in Big Spring. Luckily, the driver is okay, but the sinkhole still sits uncovered in the middle of Donley Street.

Neighbors on the block recall a horrifying image of a car’s rear end pointing straight up at the sky. Neighbor, Joe Canales, says he rushed outside when his kids yelled from inside the house looking out the window.

“No indication whatsoever that the ground was even giving out, and like I said, soon as the car hit it, I mean it just, everything crumbled, the car went in, and water started gushing out,” said Canales.

Across the street from Canales, Angelita Sosa says she saw it all. “I look outside, and there’s an actual river gushing down our street.” She says she ran out to speak to the driver and offered to help.

“She didn’t even realize that the ants were biting her,” explained Sosa. “She was just so upset, so we went into the house and got her a pair of rubber boots.”

The police and city arrived on scene within the hour.

“There were cops blocking the road, and then they had a wrecker pulling the car out, and lady was having to climb out her window, and it was like 4 or 5 feet deep,” said Zachery Robinson.

According to the neighbors, a water pipe had burst beneath the ground. The excessive drainage softened the ground above, leading it to crumble with the weight of the vehicle.

“With that big of a water main that busted, they said that it could’ve done a lot more damage to it,” stated Canales.

Sosa says it is not uncommon to see unfinished maintenance around the area. “That’ll sit there forever, just drive around this neighborhood, you’ll see holes and barricades everywhere.”

However, with a hole this big, neighbors say they worry for the children on the block.

“I’ll tell you what, if one of my grandchildren fall into that hole and get hurt, I’m going to own City Hall,” said Nancy Jenkins. “I didn’t really expect them to do anything yesterday, because it was Memorial Day, but they had all day long today. All it needs is to be filled and have asphalt on the top. What’s the problem?”

And as a father of an inexperienced driver, Canales says the turn heading into the road makes him nervous. “I got a teenage daughter that drives home you know what I mean, it’s nerve-wrecking knowing there’s a giant hole here.”

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