ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – With Halloween right around the corner, Odessa police and fire rescue held a Trunk or Treat at Odessa City Hall Saturday afternoon with other community partners attending as well.

The main attraction of course was the candy being given out, but the event served a bigger purpose than just acquiring an impressive amount of sugar.

Local health, safety and law enforcement helped Odessans prepare for the holiday by doing more than letting them practice trick or treating.

Families were out at Odessa City Hall ready for candy and a chance to give their Halloween costumes a test run.

The interactions with the community gave the Odessa fire and police departments a chance to show off their equipment and another chance to celebrate spooky season.

“It’s good to see the community back out and for us to be a part of that and so that’s one way to kick off the Halloween festivities coming out,” said Odessa Fire Chief John Alvarez.

“Just the look in these kids’ faces when they’re getting candy or when they’re walking up to you. Their eyes are lit up,” said Odessa S.W.A.T. Team officer Donaciano Rocha

“That’s what means a lot. That’s what I like.”

The transactions were more than only candy as both parents and children also got a number of ways to stay safe during the holiday.

Those trick or treating on Halloween night are encouraged to check their candy before eating it and make sure there’s a light on at any house where you’re getting candy.

“Be aware of their surroundings for sure. Be together especially on Halloween walking out in the dark, make sure it’s well lit. Make sure you’re with other people,” said Rocha

“Bright colors are always good. It’s always good especially in dark. But just go out there and have fun.”

“He we are moving to the holiday season and so we just want to really educate the community,” said Alvarez.

“With this COVID-19 still hanging around us a little bit at least we can open it back up and just try to be very careful with that.”

There will be more Halloween-themed events next weekend such as the second annual Halloween Drive-In Movie Bash at Big Sky Drive-In Movie Theater in Midland hosted by the Midland County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday October 30th at 5 pm.