Candidates speak on the future of West Texas


As November elections are approaching, candidates running for office are holding town halls to speak to residents.

Recently the Midland League of Woman Voters held a forum for a number of candidates.

The economy of West Texas follows the boom and bust cycle, which effects the cost of almost everything in the Basin.

 Those running for office were asked what they were going to do to help residents.

“Basically we want to be more inclusive and get this district more involved in the West Texas economy,” said Rhett Smith, Libertarian Candidate For District 1.

“I think part of it is there is not enough housing… So when you have a shortage it drives the price up… What the area would need to do is to entice builders to come in and build quality houses at a lower price,” said Jennie Lou Leeder, Democratic Candidate For District 11, “that would reduce the cost of rent and the cost to purchase your first home, I think that’s the answer, its supply and demand, there’s just not enough supply for the demand that’s here.”

Candidates running for District Judge said they see the effects of the boom in a different way.

“Judges deal with it by having an efficient docket that moves cases along. When you have more oil and gas economy booming then you have more crime so we need a judge in the 441st that will continue to  move the cases,” said Jeff Robnett,  Republican candidate for 441st District Judge.

“There is a rise in crime here and also a rise in accidents and lawsuits regarding accidents so all we can do is work hard and if the population grows to an extent that it does ask for a new district court,” said Sara Spector, Democratic candidate for 441st District Judge.

If you would like to vote on November 6th, the deadline to register is October 9th.

If you are unsure about your voter status, visit

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