With election day nearing, we sat down with several local candidate on the ballot to see where they stand on the issues. 

What are some of your accomplishments?

Military veteran, Christian patriot… I was not involved in politics until the 90s until I saw computer vote fraud was an issue. Over the years I’ve grown to understand voter fraud is not necessarily the issue that needs to be addresses it’s the people.

What do you mean by we the people?

The Constitution starts out “We the People” and looking at the Constitution, I’m still learning myself about that, but the 2nd amendment, the first 13 words of the 2nd amendment, I believe, are the most important words of the Constitution and it says “a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. So I kind of put it in reverse by saying no militia equals no free state.

Now gun activists, the NRA, gun lobby groups, they focus on the last 14 words, on the right to keep and bear arms. But as individuals we already have that right to self-defense. Id we focus on individual right to keep and bear arms and we’re not organized then we have tyranny, or it will develop into tyranny, and that’s what we have today, the federal government just has way too much power, so my focus is on Texas and the state militia.

What would be the first think you would do upon entering office?

I’m going to work to introduce a bill I’ve named the “State Militia Restoration Act” because what happened was in 1903, what I call, “the traitors in congress, at the time, they suppresses the militias and they made us an unorganized militia, which doesn’t make any sense and they brought in the national guard which is actually a federal portion of defense, so we the people basically had no more ability to organize in order to prevent tyranny and I believe that’s because people in congress at that time they had an agenda. Ten years later we got the IRS and then the federal reserve. We had WWI and WWII, the 20th century was the bloodiest century in history and they knew that if people understood what was going on and were organized in militias that they would not be able to do that.

Do you think that bill could get passed?

No doubt I’m going to get flack. I mean right now I consider the 535 members of congress to be traitors and cowards. I mean even Ron Paul never mentioned the word militia, that I understand or ever heard of, he focused on the Fed. Well, yes the Fed is a problem. They are the money powers, but unless you have militias the Fed is going to be resurrected. All through American history we’ve had central banks and gone away from them, but always came back. Well with we the people organizing, we can prevent that…I think I can organize the people again to put pressure on their congressmen or get them out in order to get back to self-governance.

Do you think defeating ISIS should be a main focus?

No. I think ISIS is a CIA manufactured entity. I mean the evidence is out there…We’ve armed them, we’ve practiced regime change overseas, and that’s how we arm people who end up turning around, or turning on, you whether they knew that from the get go who’s to say?… We have to address it but again once we the people, I mean the militia is supposed to be the standing army, they can get called up to be under the president, but that’s what happened in 1903 when the milita went away, they created a standing army, and the founder always warned against standing armies.

Do you endorse Gary Johnson? Are you discouraged in his performance in this election?

I actually voted for Austin Peterson at the National Convention. I was a Texas delegate. I don’t endorse Gary Johnson, only because he as well as Trump and Hillary, Derrel castle, none of these candidates are advocating the return of the state militias so that we the people can practice self-governance again…I mean people say that we have to vote for Trump to keep Hillary from getting in. No, we have to vote for we the people and the only way we’re going to do that is to get people in office who are going to work towards returning the state militias.

How do you view your chances against Mike Conaway?

Well my chances would have been pretty good if I would have had support from the party…I had a plan in place, I mean anybody would want to vote for a candidate that says you wont have to pay income taxes anymore. That’s across the board, that should be Democrats, Republicans, whatever your political bent is. Everyone hates the IRS.

Why are you running against Mike Conaway?

Well in May of 2015, I was getting harassing letters from the IRS…stating that I owed X amount in taxes…I mean I pay taxes, everyone pays taxes, but I’m talking income taxes and they can’t show me the law and I’ve known for over 20 years that I don’t owe income taxes. I went to his office, spoke with his regional director…basically the bottom line was, you know “just pay the tax” well I’m a man of principal and I’m not going to pay something that I don’t owe and we’re just feeding the beat every April 15th. We keep giving money to the federal government to continue regime change and everything that’s going on with them so that’s when I decided that he was a coward, he was not going to stand up to the IRS and that I needed to step up and do it myself.

How effective do you think you would be in a Clinton or Trump administration?

Well I think either one, I’m going to be fighting them. Dr. Ron Paul was a medical doctor, he was referred to as Dr. No because he voted no on many…most of the bills that are introduced to congress are unconstitutional. I’m going to be known as Mr. no, but no ill be butting heads with them. But, this is a team effort. I want to be clear on that. Obviously, I’m not a politician. I’m only doing this to give youth of this country a future. Because if we don’t take care of the IRS or the money issues y’all are going to be enslaved worse than we are now…I think we have the technology that constituents would be able to tell me pretty quickly before a bill is introduced how they want to vote but the key issue that ill be asking is “is it constitutional?” and if it’s not then it’s not. I have to vote no on principal because it is not in the constitution.