Burleson Elementary shelter in place after armed robbery


While the investigation on Golder and 40th Street was going on Thursday morning, regarding the officer who was struck by a vehicle, Burleson Elementary School went into a Shelter in Place.

The school is located just across the street from the scene. Parents say they received a notification regarding the Shelter in Place and an announcement to postpone their fifth grade graduation to 1:30 in the afternoon.

“They had to cancel it to the afternoon because of the lockdown,” explained first grade teacher, Grace Ceniceros. “We weren’t really scared, but we locked our doors, closed our curtains, and kept the kids away from the doors and all that. Felt comfortable that law enforcement officers were out there and helicopters were flying around.”

Father, Ruben Rodriguez, was working in Jal, New Mexico, when he received a call from his wife.

“I got the call once everything, I guess, calmed down at school when I got service. But my wife wanted me to come check on the kids and make sure they’re okay inside.”

One witness says she saw it all.

“Well at 8 o’clock this morning, I pulled up and had seen all the cops. So I pulled down to the end and when I pulled down there, I could see something laying on the road. And there was one cop hovering over the other cop, and the other cop was sitting there guarding it to where nobody else could hit him,” said Elizabeth Poyner. “I thought ‘Oh my word, what’s going on,’ you know?” 

And for Frances Sanchez, she knew something was wrong when she saw a line of police cars come down 42nd Street.

“We’re worried about him trying to break into building or houses. We don’t know what’s going on right now, but they haven’t found him yet. So ya’ll keep your doors locked.”

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