ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A woman in East Odessa is in the process of cleaning up the home of her adoptive mother who had issues with hoarding but has since passed away. But she’s run into a problem that requires help from neighbors and the law: a suspected burglar.

“There have been things missing like some very personal items, art supplies, a 3-foot-tall makeup case that was hanging on my bathroom door,” said Kimberly Garlinghouse.

Kimberly’s friend Brandy McKinney also moved into the home to help Kimberly clean, and says she’s had property go missing as well. Brandy is worried the suspected burglar might come back for items she needs to make a living.

“It scares me death that my personal photography equipment could be stolen, along with some of the personal items that have been stolen,” said Brandy.

Kimberly thinks she knows how the burglar is getting inside her home.

“There’s no sign of forced entry, and I’m thinking what’s happening is the garage door doesn’t shut all the way. But it’s stacked floor to ceiling with stuff so I didn’t think anybody would climb over, but apparently that’s how they’ve figured out how to get in,” said Kimberly.

Fortunately, after learning about the situation, neighbors have stepped up by keeping an eye on the house while Kimberly and Brandy are at work. Neighbors also have security cameras pointed at the house, and Kim and Brandy will be reviewing footage to help police.

In the meantime, Kimberly has a message for whoever is helping themselves at her home.

“If everything comes back, no questions asked, no harm, no foul. But if I find out who you are, and I will, I will press charges to the fullest extent of the law,” said Kimberly.