Brewster County seeing rise in illegal immigration near Marathon


Across the Trans-Pecos, sheriffs on the Border say they are seeing more illegal immigration than normal.

“All the pressure they are putting down in the valley, out in the Arizona area, it’s kind of pushing them this way,” said Terrell County Sheriff Keith Hughes in a previous interview.

Just like Terrell County, right next door in Brewster County they are seeing the same problem. With the sheriffs office sharing a post on Facebook, stating it’s become especially bad in the town of Marathon.

“For the past at least 60 days its been a lot more than we are normally seeing,” says Brewster County Sheriff Ronny Dodson. “And in these last few days a lot have been ending up in the town of Marathon. A lot of citizens have been wanting to know what is happening and what is going on.”

Because of this, the sheriffs office has since increased patrols around the town.

“I guess they closed the trail down someplace and opened it on us,” Dodson said.

Illegal border crossing aren’t new in Brewster County, but this amount of people trying to get across is what catches Sheriff Dodson’s eye.

“It’s definitely increased more than we’ve seen in a long time,” he said.

Dodson says there may be multiple reasons why he thinks this increase in illegal immigration is happening. But when it comes to solutions, he believes they need to let border patrol do their job the right way.

“Unhand-cuff the border patrol, and get some more bodies, men and boots on the ground out here. Try to combat the situation,” says Dodson.

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