Breast cancer survivors honored at Pink in the Park event


MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – On Saturday Permian Basin Gifts of Hope hosted their Pink in the Park event at Centennial Park to help support breast cancer fighters and survivors.

Each year the organization hosts an event to support those who are going through breast cancer, and those who have survived it.

This year’s event has a new name and location featuring interactive vendor stations, a fashion show, and a victory lap around Centennial Park.

The day also served as an opportunity for attendees to hear perspectives from those who’ve survived breast cancer.

“They ask me questions and I am so happy to answer them and share my story,” said breast cancer survivor Annie Jackson.

“No one knows what it’s actually like to experience having breast cancer without walking in that person’s shoes.”

For some– sharing their story with other survivors, has been a form of healing and a way to get through their own struggles..

“I was the first in my family so I wasn’t familiar as to the wording,” said breast cancer survivor Mary Helen Barrera

“By being together, we would share with each other. ‘What do you think about this?’ When we were discouraged or anything, we had each other.”

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer changes someone’s life. But it doesn’t mean they can’t continue to enjoy every day, with joy.

“Just because you have breast cancer doesn’t mean life is over,” said Gifts of Hope Executive Director Clint Dickson.

“You can still have fun you can still have joy and that’s really what our organization is trying to do is give people hope and joy during a time where they’re really struggling.”

For more information on how you can support cancer survivors in the Basin, visit the Gifts of Hope website.

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