Brandon Batch district 11 candidate wants to defend any policies that may impact oil & gas economy


MIDLAND, TX (Big 2/ Fox 24) – We’re in the primary election, and Brandon Batch, a Republican candidate for Congress District 11, wants to defend any policies that may affect the oil and gas economy if elected. 

    Brandon Batch says he has plenty of experience and drive to be the next congressman. He firmly believes the number of policies he has helped combat during his time in Washington will set him apart from the others. 

“At least when I hope when people look at me what they see is someone who has a lot of experience and being in Washington understanding how the process work,” says Batch. 

    With the Democratic presidential debates well underway, Batch hopes to defend any policies that may affect the oil and gas economy.  

    “One thing that I hope people are paying attention too is what’s happening right now in the Democratic Presidential debates where you have Bernie Sanders who is talking about banning fracking on day one if he gets elected,” he says. “Without truly understanding the importance of the oil and gas industry because if he did, he’ll understand how catastrophic banning fracking would be to the US economy.” 

    Batch says if elected, he hopes to work side by side with colleagues who understand the importance of the oil and gas policy. 

    “What happens here in the Permian Basin not only fuels the state of Texas but it fuels this nation,” Batch says. “It’s the Permian Basin that really led the united states to become an energy-independent nation, and so we have to make sure whoever gets elected it’s someone who understands oil and gas policy.”

    Batch says he hopes many would realize how dependent the Permian Basin, as well as the world, is on our natural resources. 

“What people have to realize is without what we’re doing out here in the Permian Basin, this nation will come to a halt,” he says. “The fact that we’re energy independent because of what we’re doing means that we’re insulated from the chaos that happens in the rest of the world. We truly do need someone who’s going to defend the oil and gas economy out here in West Texas.”

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