Odessa, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – Bowie Middle School’s new F.R.O.G. program stands for “Friendly, Resourceful, On-Campus, Guardians,” and organizers say it’s already hopping along to an awesome start.

Bowie Principal Amy Russell says the new program is all about providing even more positive role models on campus that can lift student spirits.

“We do know that kids come to school sometimes, and might have trauma from home, or maybe they had a bad day or a bad experience with a teacher. So maybe this greeting in the hallway by an adult that doesn’t know their past, doesn’t know what happened yesterday, can be that friendly face to reset that student,” said Principal Russell.

Besides monitoring the school’s hallways, volunteers also make sure the bathrooms are safe and that there’s a positive atmosphere in the cafeteria and campus in general.

Kende Jessup, the F.R.O.G. volunteer coordinator has a child attending Bowie. She says that she and her daughter can already see the extra positivity the volunteers bring to campus.

“You see more kids smiling. You don’t see so many kids with mean faces walking around. You see them laughing and joking and you see the teachers laughing and joking. You see the principals (too). It’s just a different atmosphere,” said Jessup.

And while all F.R.O.G. volunteers have passed a background check, they’re not required to have kids enrolled at Bowie to step up and make a difference.

“We like to bring in community members. Not just dads, not just moms, but any community member whether it’s a grandmother, a lawyer, a judge, anyone the wants to be involved in a public education setting,” said Principal Russell.

If you’d like to be the next F.R.O.G. volunteer, click here to get started.