BIG SPRING, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The City of Big Spring has announced that this year’s sealcoating project is to begin on June 14th, weather permitting, and last for approximately 2 days.

Sealcoating roadways extends the useful life of the pavement by providing a waterproof membrane to slow down the reduction of oils in the asphalt and keep moisture out of the street, according to the city.

The City of Big Spring details the process of sealcoating a street:

  • The streets will be swept to remove debris
  • Streets will be coated in asphalt emulsion material
  • Rock will be placed over the emulsion and rolled to embed it into the material
  • After about 2 weeks, excess rock will be swept up

Residents in affected areas are being asked to not park on the roadways during this project. Vehicles should be moved by 7am of the day work is expected to begin. Vehicles should remain off the road for the full 2 days, if possible. Any vehicles on the road at 7am at the day of service will be towed. Residents will be allowed to park on sidewalks and yards as necessary during the project.

Residents are also being asked to not water their yards during the sealcoating project, to prevent water from getting on the street. Water on the roadway causes delays as the pavement must dry prior to the application of the materials used for sealcoating.

Please avoid driving through the emulsion before the rock is applied, as this could damage your vehicle. There will also be loose rock on the roadways during this process, which might reduce traction of vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

All work is dependent on weather conditions. In the event of adverse weather, please visit the city’s website for new dates. You can also contact the City of Big Spring Code Compliance Office at 432-264-2504 with any questions you may have.