Early voting for the run-off election for Mayor of Big Spring came to a close Tuesday.

As they near election weekend, both candidates, Debbie Wegman and Shannon Thomason made their final promises.

“I have a passion for Big Spring, and I feel like I have the experience,” said Wegman.

“There’s a least one candidate on the ballot who will listen to you, will respond to you, do his absolute very best to take care of your problems and fix them,” stated Thomason. 

Since the run-off elections in May, the two have been going head-to-head on top issues. Their top priority? Water and infrastructure.

“My plan would be to you know get with engineers and people who know the system and work out a timeline and exactly what type of replacement program we would do,” explained Wegman. “I would look at the program they used to have in place called Comprehensive Waterline Replacement  Program and start there,” added Thomason.

And to frustrated residents who have been denied answers by the City, both Wegman and Thomason say they hear you.

“I believe that elected officials are elected not to lead but to represent,” explained Thomason. “And you can’t very well represent someone you’re not talking to. “I’ve dealt with the media through my position at the city, and I’m not going to always have all the answers, but I will certainly take issues and try to get answers to them,” added Wegman. 

With an 11% turnout in the primaries, both emphasize the importance of a vote as they near the finish line. 

“Even though you’re just one vote, your vote still counts. Your voice still counts,” said Thomason. 

“Hopefully citizens are going out and voting now, and I’m looking forward to what happens and what transpires on June the 8th,” stated Wegman. 

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