An arrest has been made in connection to the Big Spring homicide.

According to authorities, 34-year-old Jacob Lawson was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Police claim Lawson and Sterling Mcintosh got into some sort of argument, resulting in his death of Mcintosh.

One neighbor says he heard the gun shots, but he wasn’t surprised by the sound.

 “Its a pretty rough neighborhood, so there’s quite a few gun shots here,” said Dainel Painter, Big Spring Resident.

Painter lives a couple doors down from where Big Spring police found the body of Mcintosh.

“We heard a boom, I was cooking heard a boom then about five minutes later there was cops outside the house then about 30 minutes later they started taping up everything,” said Painter, “a little uneasy but I mean its a rough town I gues you could say. Just gotta not pay attention to it too much and keep going.”

Other neighbors seeing more than just a line of yellow tape.

Jobeth Corwin said she used to be an engish teacher and mcintosh was in her class.

“Im just very concerned for the young man, as I said he was a nice young man and its a waste and Im sorry he had a hard life it seems,” said Corwin.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday morning and the cause of death remains unknown at this time.