BIG SPRING, Texas (KMID/KPEJ) – A Big Spring couple said they’re shaken up since The Big Spring Fire Department confirmed their home is now unlivable after a fire Saturday afternoon.

Kara Doll and her fiancé Michael Becker were heading home when they decided to stop by a family members home first.

They would soon receive phone calls from neighbors saying their home was on fire and the neighborhood was filling with smoke.

They said they were preparing for their wedding in just two weeks and now their focus has completely shifted as they were moving in together into Becker’s home in Big Spring this weekend.

But on Saturday afternoon the Big Spring Fire Department was called to a house fire on Cindy Lane.

“I was utterly shocked and blown away by what happened and my mind completely went blank, I didn’t know what to think at the moment,” said future bride, Kara Doll.

Their home and all their belongings including some things for their upcoming wedding and all the wedding gifts they had received so far, had caught fire.

When they arrived to the home, Doll’s fiancé, Becker said, “Usually I am a very strong individual, but I fell down to the ground and I broke down to the ground. I couldn’t even stay on my feet, it was the worst feeling I have ever felt, still is.”

They said they couldn’t believe their eyes. Becker ran into the home to save their dog and Doll said she could see the overwhelming emotions that ran over her fiancé.

“I just really wanted to come comfort him in his time of need, because even though it’s not quite my house yet, you know I still feel like it is,” added Doll.

Becker and Doll said when news of the fire hit, the outpour of support they received was more than ever expected.

“Every body that kept reaching out, every body in the neighborhood, we had people bringing us supplies and everything, the fundraiser that we have the people who’ve been so generous, it has helped,” said a very thankful Becker.

The future bride and groom said their wedding is still on and both Doll and Becker said they’re glad they have each other through this tragedy.

“Thank you to Michael for being such a great support system through all of this even though, you know, we’ve lost everything, he’s still been here for me to help comfort me and get me through this,” said Doll.

“Right now, the only thing I’m worried about is my marriage. My future with her is all I’m worried about. I know god will provide, I know he’ll lift us up, because right now, we don’t have anywhere to go but up,” added Becker.

The Big Spring Fire Department said the fire is still under investigation.

The couple’s family has put together a PayPal account to help raise donations towards home repairs and the basic necessities like clothes and food for the time being.

To donate or learn more go to this PayPal link.