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ODESSA (Big 2/Fox 24) – As families plan for the 4th of July weekend and summer vacation, it’s important to make sure safety is a priority. Heather Massey with the Better Business Bureau has some tips. The first suggestion is to follow CDC recommendations and try to stay within the U.S-the closer to home, the better.

“It’s really up to the individual and their family’s needs. you know with COVID, you don’t know where it is. so if you think one area is safe it might not be, so you really have to use your best judgment for you and your family. do you have family members that maybe have a weakened immune system and you really shouldn’t travel at this time? you might want to have a staycation at home. “

Any place you can social distance and spread out from other people may be a good idea.
Try to avoid theme parks or places where you’d be more likely to be close to other people.

“But if you are looking to go to any state parks, any beaches, anywhere like that-reach out ahead of time. make sure they’re open, make sure they don’t have any regulations in place on time limits that could really effect your vacation, and not in a happy way.”

If you want to take your family out of state, Massey recommends checking local rules.
Some states require a 14 day quarantine before you visit, so keep that in mind before you book anything. When you look at how you want to travel from place to place, hitting the road may be the safest option.

“Another good option too, is you might want to rent an RV. It might be safer, that way you can take your family, you can clean it as necessary. If you’re looking at hotels, you really want to reach out ahead of time, and find out the processes that they have in place.”

Traveling by plane is a possibility, but double check that the sites you want to visit are available.

“If you’re flying somewhere, and you plan to go see several attractions in the area, reach out to those entities first and find out if they’re open. A lot of them are shut down maybe by state regulations. If you are traveling out of state, or even a personal preference, so know when those places are open, the hours, any rules and regulations. If they’re requiring you to wear a mask to enter a state park or facility, for example, you want to make sure your family has everything you need to make sure you have a fun and safe vacation. “

The Better Business Bureau suggests getting travel insurance, and bringing sanitizing wipes and masks on your trip.

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