MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- ProSource Hydration is the Permian Basin’s premier source for dehydration treatment! 

Since 2014, they’ve helped clients in Midland and the surrounding areas with migraines, depression and anxiety, athletic injuries, and chronic pain. They offer various therapies that are non-invasive and don’t involve the use of harmful substances.

Their IV hydration treatment is one of the most popular trends in the health and wellness industry because of how easy they are to take and the immediate results you get.

This type of treatment is used to target a variety of wellness needs. By rehydrating your body, ProSource Hydration will help you recover from illness or jet lag, provide hangover relief, help your body regulate its sleep cycle, restore vitamin and nutrient levels, refresh your appearance, relieve headaches, and improve your energy and mental focus.

The IV therapy can also help your body obtain vitamins, nutrients, and fluids much faster than ingesting them. Your body will absorb 100% of the applied treatment since it’s distributed straight into your bloodstream.

The duration of your treatment will depend on your unique circumstances and health status but each session will take roughly 30-45 minutes in total. 

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