Be Our Change – Local artist express his journey through his art


ODESSA, Texas (FOX 24) – Back in the 90’s, a local musician opened up for one of the most popular Mexican singers– Yuri. His name is Ismael Jimenez and he lives in Odessa.

“A lot of people described her as the Hispanic Madonna, we grew up listening to her,” said Jimenez. The band that I was with in at the time, they asked us if we could open up for her.”

He’s an artist including being a musician and a photographer.

“This one reminded me of sitting down, turning around and looking how far you’ve come and looking at the footprints you’ve made,” said Jimenez.

He expresses himself these days through his art.

“Some people want you to fall into the mold and just stay in the background,” said Jimenez.

Breaking that mold wasn’t easy.

“My oldest son was my inspiration to come out,” said Jimenez.

The father of three had been married to the mother of his children for ten years.

“It’s pride month dad. I’m like yeah it is. Then, he just looked at me and said your the best dad in the world and that gave me the courage that day to come out publically,” said Jimenez. “Whoever didn’t like my story, whoever wanted to walk away. I knew that the three people who are the most important in my life love and accept me for who I am and they see dad.”

The Odessa man also struggled with his faith. He was a music minister and ordained pastor.

“I’m still a believer, I’ll say that,’ said Jimenez.

He is proud of his Latin roots.

“I really believe the culture climate is changing here, but i would like to see it as more of a diversity, celebrating who we are as Hispanics,” said Jimenez.

His latest studio project is called “Infinite.”

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