CENTRAL TEXAS (KMID/KPEJ)- Demand from the state’s power grid is at a record high and now battery storage facilities are at the forefront of providing extra power. Austin-based, Jupiter Power, is a Texas-based energy storage company that bridges the gap between timing and basis of energy supply and demand to the state’s power grid.

“Jupiter is a leading energy storage independent power producer with deep trading, analytics, development, finance, operations, and construction capabilities and unparalleled dispatch optimization intellectual property,” said Caitlin Smith, Senior Director of External Affairs, Jupiter Power, in a statement when also discussing the storage facilities ability to charge directly from the grid and in exchange return power directly back to the grid when needed. “There are times where there’s more energy needed and nobody who needs it and there’s times where people need it and having something like storage alleviates that a little bit because it can soak it up when it’s easy to get it and discharge it in a way to people when it is needed.”

Currently, Jupiter Power has facilities up and running in four different counties across West Texas: Reeves, Crane, Ward, and Pecos. The amount of energy discharged from these facilities outputs on average about two hours at a time before the batteries have to recharge. Smith explained that placing these storage facilities in areas across West Texas is ideal because it’s less costly and takes less time to construct compared to building transmission infrastructure. 

Jupiter Power remains confident that it will continue to add reliability to Texas’ power grid through the remainder of the summer and also plan to continue investing in new battery storage facilities across west Texas in the years to come.

For more information on Jupiter Power’s initiatives and future projects: Jupiter Power