Lubbock, El Paso and San Angelo. More than 500 people poured into the Tall City for the three-day Tall City Classic Basketball Tournament. 
Lots of hoops, layups and three-pointers.
“We got three boys, all three of them playing,” parent Terry English said.
The tournament is made up of about 40 teams. Five of which are local and the rest are from as far as 300 miles away.
“It’s fun for the kids to come out, Father’s Day weekend, watch the boys play a little basketball and just good competition,” English said.
Terry English made the drive from San Angelo to see his kids on the court. The tournament is made up of third graders all the way up to the high school level.
“It’s good to have a local tournament around here, because usually we’re having to go to places like San Angelo or Odessa so now it’s nice to have one in Midland,” Greenwood Rangers forward Tyler James said.
It’s a double-elimination bracket tournament and a profitable one for the Tall City. 
“For the community, the gas stations, the restaurants, the hotels, it brings in a lot to the city of Midland,” Gators Coach Earl Davis said.
The tournament brings in almost $10,000 for Midland and it’s growing every year. 
“I just think it brings something else to Midland,” Davis said.
It’s also something special for the kids.
“The children, the kids, they are the future and I would rather these kids be here at the gym playing basketball than be out there in the streets doing something they have no business doing,” Davis said.
This year, the tournaments were held at four Tall city schools. Those included Midland Christian, Midland High, Abell Junior High and San Jacinto. 
There’s already plans to bring the tournament back next year.