ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – To paint a picture of how things are in the Basin, frost is permeating the air, ice has frozen onto roads, and sleet has fallen from the sky.

For those on the roads, many are heading to or from work. But, others are getting supplies and groceries, things they need for the weekend as temperatures are expected to dip into single-digits.

Shoppers at the Cash Saver store on N. County Road in Odessa are making sure they stock up, so they don’t need to head out again.

“I’m cold!” said one shopper.

“I’m ready for the heat. I’m ready for summer. I want to go barbecuing,” said another shopper.

A few shoppers in Odessa are buying water, coffee, and ingredients needed to make hot soup.

In Midland, the Market Street store on N. Midkiff Road is crowded with shoppers.

Todd Hollingsworth, the Market Street store director, said shoppers are buying the essentials – everything from chili and eggs, to bread and stews.

He says customers often hit the shelves as soon as they hear about bad weather.