Basin Doctors discuss Budesonide as a treatment for COVID-19


ODESSA, Texas (Big 2/Fox 24) – A new treatment for COVID-19, Budesonide, is continuing to stir up controversy in the Permian Basin. On one end some COVID-19 patients have found success using this treatment but there have not been enough cases to confidently say that this is the cure for COVID-19.

Dr. Bartlett of Odessa claims he has successfully treated several COVID-19 patients with the inhaled steroid even going as far as to say this may be the cure to COVID-19. However, not all medical professionals are sold on the treatment yet and say more research has to be done before claiming it as the ‘silver bullet’ for COVID-19.

“Yes this is a lung infection but it is a total body inflammatory process as well. It would make sense that giving steroids systemically, or to the whole body, would potentially be more effective than just inhaling them,” he said.

Dr. Rohith Saravanan, the ORMC Chief Medical Officer responded saying, “Evidence-based medicine and that means that it needs to be proven at many different sites at many different times, reproducible in time and space, to be able to show that something works.”

He added if someone is already on steroids systemically an inhaled steroid isn’t going to have an additional impact if they test positive for COVID-19.

“If somebody is taking steroids through their blood directly or by mouth the dose of the steroid in the body is so high that a minor dose of inhaled critical steroids is going to have no additional impact. The belief that this could solve all problems, no medicine is ever created this way,” said the Doctor.

Officials say many people have been asking about the steroid since Dr. Barlett has treated patients and they want to make one thing clear, every case is different and they can’t administer the steroid to everyone and they are working tirelessly to protect the community during this time.

Kit Bredimus the Vice President of Nursing for Midland Health said, “You are all our family and friends and believe me when I say that we are trying our best. I encourage everyone to please take the time to acknowledge our frontline caregivers and everyone who works in the hospital to provide care for our patients.”

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