Odessa has a new, healthy and trendy place to help you cool off.

To The Moon Juice Co. just opened up at the Corner of Jefferson and Sixth.

“We want everyone to feel like you’re a part of our family,” said owner Paige Hackett.

The stores offers juices, lemonades, smoothies, cold brews and even bites to eat. All of it is made with fresh, healthy ingredients, so you can feel guilt-free while enjoying.

“We try to bring a lot different flavors and tastes,” said Paige.

Some of the options on the menu include a pineapple sky smoothie, pumpkin spice cold brew, blue sky smoothie, the “Mama Peach”, and much more.

Paige runs the business with her 10-year-old daughter Natalie, who operates the register. The store was inspired by a lemonade stand Natalie started three years ago. It did so well that Natalie was invited to a young entrepreneurs event, then the family decided to expand on it and open the juice shop. Paige’s fiancé and son also help run the business.

“It feels really great,” said Natalie. “I love working the cash register.”

When you’re in the shop you’ll notice some cool art too. Paige is a photographer and made her business a visual experience. Colorful pieces of art and objects surround the inside of the shop.

“It’s aesthetically pleasing too, says Paige. “On top of just being delicious.”

The name behind “To the Moon” has a story. It partially comes from a popular cryptocurrency slogan for “Doge Coin”, but it’s also symbolic.

Paige says the name will hopefully provide inspiration for her daughter to take her dreams to the moon.

“Sometimes I’m like, is this possible, is this real?” said Natalie.

“I want to show my daughter you can go out there and make things happen for yourself, have those opportunities”

Paige says she hopes to soon add a patio that will hold live music events. For more on To The Moon, click here.