Basin Business: New Boba tea spot opens in Midland


Boba has become quite the trendy drink that’s taken off across the country in recent years. Now there’s a new spot in Midland called Kung Fu Tea that offers dozens of flavors for you to try.

“It’s like a gummy and it’s just really,really awesome,” says Brittney, a new regular who has gone to the spot the last three days,” “Its just really good.”

Kung Fu Tea is a chain with more than 300 locations nationwide. It offers more than 60 different drink options ranging from milk teas,green teas, slushes, and yogurts, just to name a few options.

The store had it’s soft opening on June 28th. The grand opening is July 23rd, but it’s already getting a lot of attention.

“Some people come two,three times a day,” says Jojo Hoang, owner of the store.

Jojo says the tapioca balls inside the tea come in different flavors depending on what you get, and it’s always fresh.

“We have to remake it fresh every two hours.”

“They have a lot of options,” says Aileen, who lives in Midland. “I like that, it’s exciting.”

“This is a great opportunity to come on by,” says Brittney. “It’s amazing.”

The store will offer buy one get one specials on the grand opening day July 23rd.

To see more of Kung Fu Tea’s drink options, check out the video above.

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