Basin Bites: Mamasita’s Mexican Grill keeps traditions alive through food


Mamasita’s Mexican Grill

ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Mamasita’s Mexican Grill is a go-to in Odessa if you’re looking for fresh, authentic Mexican cuisine.

“I didn’t want to just be a Tex-Mex restaurant. I wanted to incorporate my recipes with fresh ingredients,” said Joel Contreras, owner of Mamasita’s.

While it appears Mamasita’s is a well-oiled machine, with dozens of menu items and great ambiance, it took years to get to where it is today.

“I failed three times. Three restaurants before we got the success that we have. But I never wanted to quit, because I wasn’t going to show my kids that it’s okay to quite and give up,” said Contreras.

After years of ups and downs, when Mamasita’s opened in 2007 at it’s first location on Grandview business finally kept growing for Contreras. After 10 years at that location, he was able to move into the Walter’s Family Restaurant location, a former Odessa staple.

“Of course Walter’s used to be a landmark here because it was here for 37 years. So when the opportunity showed up for us to buy the property we jumped right in and moved it over here.”

Through all the changes along the way, one thing has stayed the same: The support from his family, many of which are also staff members. From waitresses to managers, many of the employees you see at Mamasita’s have worked with Contreras for over a decade.

“What we started and how we started, to where we are now, it’s awesome. Especially to see your family excel, it’s great,” said Erika Lara, Manager at Mamasita’s.

Of course, Contreras says he also has the community to thank for all the unwavering support.

“Midland and Odessa have been gracious ever since I got here back in 1988. Midland and Odessa embraced me. I never had a hard time with the local community not supporting the Hispanic culture. I saw that from the beginning and the support has been tremendous,” said Contreras.

For a close look at some of the delicious menu items at Mamasita’s and to get more information on the restaurant here.

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