ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Some may know Taqueria Reynosa as the taco shop turned gas station, others as the restaurant that serves up authentic tacos with mouthwatering meat, including it’s famous al pastor.

“Our al pastor is what we are mainly known for. It got very popular because of our Taco Tuesdays and Taco Thursdays. It became famous when we first started our restaurant in 2015,” said Isa Rocha co-owner.

Taqueria Reynosa’s al pastor

Isa and Martin Rocha first started Taqueria Reynosa back in 2015 as a food truck. Martin moved from Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico to work in the oilfield, but missed the tacos he would eat every day back at home.

“It’s traditional, we eat tacos all the time. On every single corner you will find a taqueria. He missed eating his tacos late night or after work,” said Rocha.

After opening the food truck, the couple realized many other Mexican people living in west Texas craved the food from back home. They say they were honored to expand into a restaurant in 2017 so more people could come and enjoy.

“West Texas is home to a lot of people who come work for the oilfield and a lot of people are from the valley, from where we are, from Reynosa. That’s what makes it special because it reminds them of home,” said Rocha.

While they have many meat options to stuff your taco with, the al pastor is a must-try. After seasoning it in a secret spice mix and marinating it overnight, they slow-cook the pastor on a spit which is basically a rotisserie. They say this is the key to getting that juicy meat.

“It makes a huge difference. I have tried it when it’s just on the grill compared to the open fire and it makes a huge difference. When you bite into it, the flavor that you get with the tortilla and the onions, cilantro, and pineapple, it just melts. It’s a really good flavor in your mouth,” said Rocha.

If you’re looking for something besides tacos, don’t let the name fool you, they have many other menu options as well. One of their best sellers is the ‘Faji Papa’ which is essentially a Mexican baked potato. The potato is mixed with cream and cheese and topped with freshly grilled meat.

“Once you bite into it, the flavor of the butter with the Mexican cream, the smoked flavor of the beef fajita and the tenderness of it, mixed into your mouth… It is paradise.”

Faji Papa

Lastly, order the flautas. The crispy shells are stuffed with shredded meat of your choice and topped with lettuce, Mexican cheese, cream, and their special avocado sauce.

Shredded beef flautas

No matter what you get, the Rochas hope you get a little taste of their home in Mexico with each bite.

“We are beyond grateful for all the love and support we continue to receive from our community. It warms our heart to see many people come from many other cities and also have a piece of their home at Taqueria Reynosa,” said Rocha.

Each week Taqueria Reynosa has ‘Taco Tuesday’ and ‘Taco Thursday’ which is buy one taco plate, get one free. To get a full look at Taqueria Reynosa’s menu, click here.