Flair Taverna

ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – Flair Taverna takes the flavors of Italy, Spain, and France and brings them straight to your table for a true culinary experience.

“We want everyone to have that feeling that we’re taking you somewhere else and have that feeling of being in a big city,” said Giancarlo Del Aguila, general manager and co-owner.

Over the last year and a half, Del Aguila has been working to share his international background with west Texas. He’s Peruvian but grew up traveling through Europe.

“I’ve been exposed to Italian food since a very young age but as Peruvians we eat a lot of seafood so my menu is at least 80% seafood.”

Whether you like seafood or not you’ll find something for you on the menu. There is an extensive list of pasta dishes, pizza options, and juicy meat straight from the grill.

Ribeye with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes

Since people go to Flair Taverna for the full dining experience, each menu item has a wine listed next to it so you know exactly what drink to pair your food with.

“We believe that every guest deserves the opportunity to experience what I call the seven steps of dinner. Those steps are made up of every section of the menu. Every dish will have a wine to pair with. I encourage everyone to ask your server ‘Which one should I get with what I’m eating right now?’ said Del Aguila.

On top of great food, Del Aguila says he’s most proud of his restaurant’s service and atmosphere.

“Let us cook for you, let us give you the flavor we have at Flair, with flair, and let us just take care of you.”

If you’re a fan of Flair Taverna, you should also check out Amore located in both Andrews and Snyder.

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