MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or just in the mood to elevate a weeknight dinner, Librado is the perfect restaurant to take your meal to the next level.

“We just wanted to provide Midland with another good place to eat. Another place that’s kind of a breakaway from the chains and some of the things that we already have,” said owner Tony Frescaz.

On Librado’s menu, you’ll find a bunch of upscale options such as hand-cut steak and fresh seafood that’s flown in twice a week.

With inflation making food a lot more expensive, Frescaz launched a new menu this week, that includes dishes with the same great flavor and smaller prices.

“We’re trying to give people some more options, and give people more of a chance to come out and try our food,” said Frescaz.

The menu will have more variety, and smaller plate options. Some of the items to look out for are the buffalo shrimp wantons and crawfish cakes for appetizers, and the steak and cake for an entrée.

Also important to note, if you were a fan of Toros Cafe in Midland, the menu is served at Librado.

Frescaz opened Toros before Librado, and closed it down during the pandemic. Right now you can still get the restaurant’s southwestern cuisine on a separate menu, but Frescaz says he’s working on combining the two.

“We’ll still have the traditional dishes that we do here, but we’ll introduce some newer plates that kind of involve a lot of those flavors that we used to do at Toros,” said Frescaz.

Watch the video above to get an up-close look at the brand new menu items now at Librado.