MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) – As great as the area we live in now is, do you ever miss the way things used to be?

If so, stop by Back in the Day Cafe in Midland for a true blast from the past!

The restaurant features replicas of iconic Midland landmarks that have played a big part in the Tall City’s history. This includes everything from the Bush family home to the First National Bank and Chief Drive-In Theatre.

Chief Drive-In Theatre replica

“It just makes you feel at home. It makes you feel like Midland is your home,” said owner Laura Mendoza.

Back in the Day Cafe originally opened in 2012 by David and Rhonda Roe.

The couple retired nearly a year ago and handed the restaurant over to Laura. She says even though there’s new ownership, the cafe’s funky ambience and Rhonda’s homemade recipes have remained the same.

“Change is a good thing, but sometimes just to know that you can go to a place where it’s how it was before, that brings comfort to our customers,” said Mendoza.

The restaurant is known for it’s breakfast. Everything is made fresh daily, from the blueberry French toast to pancakes the size of your face!

Blueberry French Toast

“It’s comfort food. It’s just simple, casual, you can just come in here and you don’t have to use a napkin if you don’t want. It’s just homey,” said Mendoza.

Back in the Day Cafe is also open for lunch and dinner. Mendoza suggests trying out some of their signature dishes like the chicken fried steak or meatloaf.

Chicken Fried Steak
Best-Selling Meatloaf

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