ODESSA, Texas (Nexstar) – There’s a ton of Mexican restaurants around the area but Delicias has been serving up it’s authentic cuisine for more than 30 years.

“Everything is homemade and fresh,” said general manager Rodrigo Chavez.

Chavez’s mother is from Chihuahua, Mexico and opened up Delicias with the hopes of sharing the dishes she grew up eating with the community.

“Basically it’s been the same plates from the beginning. Same flavor, all homemade. The boss lady doesn’t let us change it because that’s what people know us for, for the unique flavor,” said Chavez.

He says the key to their dishes is using all fresh ingredients.

“That’s been our main thing since the beginning. With Covid and prices going up, a lot of people started buying frozen things, she didn’t.”

The restaurant serves all of the classic Mexican dishes you love, but Chavez says they’re known for their soup, specifically the beef soup.

“We have a lot of people that like it especially in the winter or for a hangover. We have all different kinds of soups and combinations of soups.”

The beef soup comes with vegetables, potatoes, and perfectly tender ribs.

Beef Soup

If you visit Delicias you can also try out other dishes his mother grew up eating Chihuahua. The enchiladas montadas is another signature recipe.

“We make it from scratch. It’s more authentic with an egg on top. So we lay them flat and roll them out.”

The tortillas are stacked flat on a plate and covered in their homemade red sauce, coated with cheese and topped with a perfectly cooked over-easy egg.

Enchiladas Montadas

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