MIDLAND, Texas (Nexstar) –  Celebrating basin bites Cinco de Mayo style. 

Our first stop is at Toro’s Cafe off the loop and Business 20.

Tony Frescaz, owner of Toro’s Cafe says nothing about the food they serve is traditional.

“We’re not traditional Mexican food but we try to pull a lot of flavors from southwestern food. Different chilis different spices from different regions not just Tex-Mex or Mexico, we even have some Arizona and New Mexico,” says Frescaz.

They’ve got everything from huge burgers like the el dorado to a ribeye that is out of this world.

Frescaz drew his inspiration from his grandmothers and has been in the industry since high school.

However, one dish that stands out is their famous puffy tacos.

“They’re very unique and kinda what we’re known for,” says Frescaz.

Through the pandemic, Tony says it was tough but they made it through thanks to one big reason, the regulars.

“We’re blessed we have a wonderful customer base, a lot of people we see multiple times a week,” Frescaz.

After you check out the restuanrt do not forget to vote, we will annouce the resturant winner on Cindo de Mayo day.