Midland's ‘Baby Jessica' Plaque Comes Down

Mayor says plaque dedicated to the 1987 incident will get a new home in 2019

MIDLAND, Texas (Local 2/Fox 24) -

It was 29-years ago the entire country followed the story of an 18-month-old Midland girl as she remained stuck in an underground well for more than two days.

Now an adult Jessica Morales is reaching out to Midland’s Mayor asking about what might be left behind to re

Last week Jessica posted on Facebook asking for information about a time capsule believed to have had memorabilia from her ordeal.

However, the only time capsule known to the city currently covered was placed in a wall at Centennial Plaza in 1985, two years before the incident.

Question as to what will happen to the plaque displayed at the former Midland Center depicting the moment she was pulled from the well have been raised now that the building is being demolished.

Mayor Jerry Morales said although the Midland center is coming down the plaque won't be forgotten.

"We saw Midlanders come together, and the Permian Basin, America, and through the media we all able to witness this memorable moment." He said as he reminisced about the event.

He says the plaque which is now being kept at city hall is just one of many that will be honored at the city's new convention center scheduled to be completed in 2019.

"All of those plaques, and all of the history that we have in there is being preserved, and then we hope to make a walk-of-time, if you will, reflecting on what took place and all of those reasons  that we put those plaques up." said Morales.

The City's Spokesperson says designers are looking at ways to integrate the ‘Baby Jessica’ plaque into the new Midland Center.

You can find plans for the city's new convention center that will double the previous space to 20,000 square feet of Exhibit Hall space by clicking here.



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