ODESSA, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- The aunt of an 8-month-old baby found dead Tuesday is calling for justice. Police said Logan Pierson was found unresponsive in a northeast apartment on July 12 with swelling and bruising to his face and head. 

The baby’s parents, Kameron Gammage, 23, and Leyla Pierson,18, have been charged in connection with his death. An affidavit stated Gammage told investigators that on July 9, he smoked marijuana and later tried to play with the crying infant. He said he threw the baby into the air several times and “accidently” dropped him on about the fourth toss. He claimed the baby hit the floor “hard” and that the bruising and swelling soon followed.

Gammage also reportedly admitted to having “extreme anger issues” and said he had been under a lot of stress, especially while dealing with a crying baby.

Logan’s aunt, Brittany Pruitt, said she was shocked by the sudden loss of her nephew.

“I was in complete shock. And I wanted answers. Then I read what they said…and I am just shocked,” she said. “I’m very angry right now and I’m very confused. Kameron and Leyla, they could have called me; I just don’t understand.”

Pruitt said if she had known Logan’s parents were having a hard time, she would have helped them.

“Logan…he was my whole world,” she said. 

Pruitt also expressed disbelief upon learning her brother had been arrested. She said Gammage loved his son and has always been there for her kids as well. 

“My first reaction was Kameron didn’t do it and I didn’t think he was capable of doing something like that because he loved his son. I’ve left my kids with him…this is just a shock,” Pruitt said.

Despite her shock, she is also grieving for her nephew and wants justice. 

“He was an innocent little baby,” she said. “He didn’t deserve anything he went through. I just…I hope the justice for Logan…I hope he gets what he deserves.”